Pregnancy Month 2

Month 2 (5-8 weeks)

The two weeks that came after my BFP (big fat positive – ya that’s right I know the baby making lingo) were a blur of hours where I was trying to anchor myself back into reality and trying to get to know this new part of myself, my pregnant self. I pee’d on a stick every day during those two weeks… its kinda silly I know but I really needed something physical to ground me and tell me ‘yes mama, you are still pregnant!’. I kept feeling like maybe I’d wake from this dream to find out I was just imagining it all.. I still feel that ways sometimes but now I  can rub my big ol’ belly if I need grounding. In terms of symptoms and such well weeks 5-8 were really about heartburn, vivid dreams, midnight (more like 2-4am) hunger pangs and sore breasts. My boobs grew immensely in those first few weeks (still haven’t stopped) and I got a bunch of breast freckles like my mama. I was really proud of that body change actually, not the size but the freckles. I remember always asking my mom why she had freckles on her breasts and I didn’t and she’d always say ’cause im a mama’ and I’d be so jealous of her honour badges. So you can imagine how proud I felt when my own little honour badges started showing up all around my areola. I still don’t have as many as my mama but I figure I have much ahead to live up to before I get as many as her.

Week 6 was particularly exciting cause I had my first baby ultrasound. Baby looked like a round little raindrop hanging in my uterus at that point. I was so happy. I didn’t cry or anything cause I was trying to process it all and again remind myself that this was actually happening but man was I happy. And I continued this blissful surreal feeling till the end of the month. In month 2, I was still pretty good at logging what I was feeling and the changes I noticed in body and such. However I started back at school and 2 jobs around week 7 and I could feel my energy being pulled in too many places to keep up with all the baby logging. From that moment on I shifted to a sort of auto-pilot where I was aware of my pregnancy and it was always on my mind but it started taking a background role so I could get work done. Luckily for me, baby boo never gave me any nausea or fatigue so I was able to get quite a bit done but it did mark a shift in my mind frame that I wish I didn’t have to make.


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