Pregnancy Month 4

Month 4 (weeks 13-16):

Oh week 13! I was so freakin’ pumped when I reached week 13. Finally all that miscarriage talk was out the window.. ok not entirely, many women still suffer complications after the 13th week but society, doctors, family, etc. finally give you room to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy! I was so happy to leave the first trimester for that reason. My life also started to settle by week 13 too, many of the changes I was dealing with were finally complete and I was no longer in limbo. I was still working a lot though so I had to make an executive decision of what in my life would take the back burner so I could bring my pregnancy back to the forefront and that ended up being school. I’m in the 2nd year of my masters (aka thesis year), and prior to getting pregnant I was ahead of schedule in my school work so luckily I could afford to make that decision for myself. And let me tell you.. it was the best decision ever. Me and baby boo enjoyed workouts and walks together. I had more time to take leisurely mornings with my baby belly while navigating the schedule of 2 jobs so I can provide for us. I must say working for the university and having a flexible schedule has been an absolute blessing.

Anyway month 4 went by really quickly because I was in a groove of relaxation & work that was moving forward so smoothly that I barely saw the weeks go by. The only major concerns I had during those weeks was my asthma and my weight. My asthma started acting up sometime around week 14, mainly because of the weather change, which is fairly usual for me but pregnancy made my attacks much more intense and frequent. I couldn’t really do much about other than take my meds which was pain but thankfully after about 2 weeks they calmed down and I’ve been pretty good since. As for my weight, well I lost a bit of weight when I first got pregnant, which I was happy about cause I was already 5-10 pounds over what I like to be when I got pregnant, but by month 4 I still hadn’t gained a pound. My doctor didn’t seem worried about it and I read on many forums that many women have this experience but I still feel very good about it all. That’s when I became more regular with taking my body measurements.. if I wasn’t gaining weight I wanted to know how my body was changing. Turns out I was losing A LOT of fat in my legs, arms and back and it was being relocated in my belly and hips. Once I knew that I calmed down a bit and by the end of month 4 I started gaining a little bit of weight, not much but at least the scale was heading the right direction.

That was mainly it for month 4 really.. It’s was my least eventful pregnancy month thus far cause I was a smooth auto-pilot that was leading me to vacation in December.


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