Pregnancy Month 5

Month 5 (17-20 weeks):

To be honest, I barely remember week 17 & 18. Those were my last two weeks of work before the holiday and my number one focus was to wrap everything up so I could free to fully enjoy my month of vacay. If I had any symptoms I barely noticed them and my mental state was pretty much apathetic auto-pilot. But week 18! Yo doing nothing is life. I’m serious, I did nothing and I was so joyous in it. My weight slowly started to go up my belly was legit starting to show and I started feeling baby’s kicks! It was so perfect to be at home for all of that. To have the time to indulge in my pregnancy, eat whenever, rest whenever, do whatever.

I did get sick tho, and I haven’t fully recovered. Nothing too bad just a bunch of icky mucus in the morning and an occasional couch by the first week of my cold had me out of action. I stayed home pretty much all week, ordered a lot of food delivery and binge watched Netflix. That’s what happens to me when I go on auto-pilot for too long tho, my body will always cooperate but the moment I’m able to relax, it crashes and I get sick. Not the funnest but hey it forces me to chill, which I appreciate.

It was also holiday time during week 18 & 19 so I spent some time with fam and friends which is always nice. One of my sister-friends is also pregnant, she’s 7 weeks behind me, so we chilled a bunch too. Chatting about our pregnancies, our birth plans and the hopes we have for our kids. It’s so nice to have a good friend in a similar life stage, its been very therapeutic for me and has deepened our friendship.

Another important highlight to mention for month 5 is that I GOT A SPOT AT THE BIRTHING CENTRE! Oh man I was so stocked when I got the phone call and my first appointment with the midwife went great. It was like 1h15min and she really took the time to get to know me and my situation. Thats the type of TLC I need around my pregnancy. I don’t think it’s for everyone but I need time and connection to feel confident with my health care providers so I’m really glad I was able to do the switch. I’m not actually planning on giving birth at the centre.. I’ll get into my birth plan in another post.. but I am very happy to have midwives in my birthing support system. I would’ve preferred a Black midwife, more specifically a Haitian midwife but that’s not really an option where I live so we’ll adjust and make due. Either way I think I found capable health providers who will respect my abilities, needs and desire throughout my birthing process and that’s what I really care about.


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