noun: matriarch; plural noun: matriarchs

    a woman who is the head of a family or tribe.

I was raised by a matriarch. My mama raised me and my siblings on her own after my father passed away and I grew up in absolute awe of everything she put in place for us to grow. Since I was quite young when my father passed, I grew up thinking matriarchs were the norm for family structures and looked forward to the day I would become a matriarch as well. When I started encountering other types of family structures I was intrigued and sometimes even envious of the way they functioned but at the end of the day I always felt that there was something particularly special about how a female lead tribe and the diverse ways in which they function whether it’s single mamas, coupled mamas, widowed mamas, queer mamas, trans mamas, sisters, or sisterhoods. This lead me to start a podcast called ‘The Matriarch’ which is a show that invites matriarchs to tell their unique stories, voice their concerns & needs, offer solutions, create dialogue, and inspire, all while deconstructing the assumptions society has about their homes and lives.

Diary of a matriarch on the other hand, is where I share my own experiences as a daughter, sister, friend and most recently a mama! I’ll be sharing my experiences being raised  by a matriarch, living friendships with matriarchs and becoming a matriarch myself by means of journal entries, podcasts, questions, conversations, images and other types of life snippets from this single mama and other dope mamas leading their tribes.