My name is Mama MF … well it’s actually Annick MF but here I get to fully indulge in my mama identity. Most people know me as multidisciplinary creative who works on community-centric projects that usually touch on race, gender, family politics and identity. I’m also known as radio/podcast host which is where I started The Matriarch.

Outside of the public eye, I’m a devoted daughter, sister, friend and most recently a mama! I haven’t had much opportunities to share these facets of my life in the past though these relationships have been central to the ways in which I engage with the world. With ‘diary of a matriarch’ I want to share my experiences being raised  by a matriarch, living friendships with matriarchs and becoming a matriarch myself. I’ll be posting journal entries, podcasts, questions, conversations, images and other types of life snippets from this single mama and other dope mamas leading their tribes.